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Seating Matters!

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Hello, Lovelies!

I have the privilege to work a few events as a Venue Coordinator from time to time. In this role, we sometimes work with other Wedding Planners(YAY!), and sometimes we get to help the client navigate through the day with the information they provided the Venue. So here are a few tips on how you can make sure dinner is served without a hitch.

Place cards are your Friend

  1. If having a plated meal you will need to assign tables and use place cards to assist the caterer with any special meals or if you are offering a selection. An Example is placing a color-coordinating star or Etsy offers really cute Digital Place cards with symbols on them. Check out the freebies link below. And you're welcome :-)

  2. When preparing your seating chart place your place cards in alphabetical order instead of by tables it makes it easier for guest to find their table number.

  3. If you are assigning a seat then you will need to have a Large Seating Chart with the guest Name and Table Number present and then a place card on the table in front of the assigned seat.

I hope these little nuggets help with planning your special day! To find out more about us and our company head on over to our Website: or Social Media Instagram Handle: e3eventsdesign

Here is a freebie to help take the pain out of creating the cards. Place card

Place card with symbols: Etsy Smitten Paper Props

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