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Budget, Budgets, Where Do I Begin?

Hello, Lovelies! I know this is an age-old question in Wedding Planning. Not all budgets are the same as well as not all client's wish lists are the same. So we put together a chart of what a typical Wedding Budget could look like. Just as your wedding vision is your own, so is the way you allocate your spending toward the Wedding. I have a client whose main focus was the overall look of the wedding. So we allocated more money to Floral and Decor because that's what's most important to her. This is one of the advantages of having a Wedding Planner on your team, as they know how to make your budget work for you. Not sure if a Wedding Planner is right for you, at least use some of the al la carte services such as budget planning to make sure that you are maximizing your dollar.

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Tamara Martin-Harris is the principal planner and Designer for e3 events. Tamara is considered a veteran in the industry with over 21 years as a Certified Wedding Consultant and Awarding winning Event designer. e3 events are located in Dallas, Texas.

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