Hello Lovelies

Hello, Lovelies! I am Tamara the principal event designer and owner of e3 events design. With over 21 years of experience as a certified wedding planner and designer, you can say that I'm a veteran at embellishing your special event.  With our attention to detail and a creative eye, we work with you to come up with an event that speaks volumes to you and your style.  We plan and create events that truly revolve around your vision for your special day.


I have always gravitated toward creative things in life.  I got my start in event design as a young mother wanting to create elaborate children's parties.  My daughter at the time always had parties that we centered around her personality and friends would say "I would have never thought of that." From this e3 events was established.  I received my Certification in 2000 from the Association of Certified Wedding Consultants (ACWC) and obtained my Accreditation for event design with the Institute of Wedding and Event Design in 2017. For me, education in your craft is important because it means that I value my company and client so much to learn all I can to serve them better.   


 On a more personal note, I am a Wife, Mother, and a Lover of Tacos!   

“When people ask me what equipment I use – I tell them my mind.”


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